KJ Raycing Crosskart Plans : VF-1 Single Seat Chassis

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KJ Raycing VF-1 Kart for "Variable Frame" Kart -1.  Plans for a Crosskart Chassis that can be used for a variety of components, features, and ride heights to drive on asphalt, dirt or mix.  Plans were specifically designed to use inexpensive and readily available ATV parts.  Plans are fully comprehensive with everything needed to cut, bend and notch tubing for the chassis build.


KJ Raycing VF-1 Kart for "Variable Frame" Kart -1.  Plans for a Crosskart Chassis that can be used for a variety of components, features, and ride heights to drive on asphalt, dirt or mix.  I have spent over 5 years developing and testing engines, suspension, and parts from the ATV world to try and create an inexpensive, easy to build machine to give the ultimate single seat buggy experience for under $6,000 dollars* for everyone to enjoy. These are not plans for the first one built, these plans have been used to build existing VF-1's.  Set up to be built in stages so you don't need to fund the build up front.  Designed specifically to use inexpensive ATV parts to make building your own kart easier and less expensive.  Digital download includes Part Label Diagrams, Jigs/Fixtures, Chassis, rear a-arms, Hooking Protection, Roof Rack and light bar.  Plans include bending instructions, cut wrappers for notching, material requirements and building notes.  Includes Plans for building Jigs to make building easier, more accurate and perfectly aligned.  Plans were also designed to fit the VF-1 into the bed of a full size truck so you do not need a trailer.** 

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* Under $6000 dollars if user can find acceptable donor ATV for $2,000 or less and uses the same components as KJ Raycing.  A "Budget Kart" was built for under $2,000 using a Harbor Freight Predator 420 engine.

** With tailgate down, may not apply to all full size trucks.